Have you in a conversation, said something that surprises you? That phrase with such simplicity, articulates what you been wanting to say for weeks, months or years.

“Life is not about becoming significant, but discovering your significance.”

Chew on that a little.

There is a dangerous trap in doing things just to be significant. I think that is where burn out and discontent happens. You try to define your identity with what you do rather than who you are. You find comfort in the clarity of your title or role.

However, as you slow down, and pay attention to the Beauty all around you, you will see that many things that are beautiful is beautiful because they simply are who God design them to be.

Flowers are flowers. Birds are birds. Babies are babies. It’s not necessarily what they do but who they are. We have been losing sight of seeing ourselves as unique, beautiful creations that God loves so much.

In that Love, we are significant.

When we bask in the deluge of His Love, our love for people become supernatural. It’s gets easier to love people when you yourselves are experiencing His Love. The overflow of His Love motivates us to move to action. The same Love that doesn’t waver no matter how much or little you do.

So pause for a moment in your pursuit for significance…

and discover you already are.

“Life is not about becoming significant, but discovering your significance.”Sam Song