Can you die from holding your breath?

Can you die from holding your breath?

A quick search on Google reveals, most likely not. You body will pass out and your autonomic bodily functions will kick in. It will veto your will and make you breathe again.

I know it’s an odd question to ponder but I believe it has something to teach us.

One of the definitions of “Inspire” is “Breathe in (air); inhale.” (Thanks again, Google)

How much are you “breathing in”, being inspired?

Thanks to the internet, technology, Google and the Social Networks, content to inspire you is only a click away and with you all the time.

There is an all-you-can-eat buffet of inspirational insights for your consumption.

However in comparison, how much are you “breathing out”?

We are inspired but what are we doing with it?

Are we processing, creating and sharing them with the world?

Or are we holding our breath because we are afraid of what the world will think of our creations?

Like the carbon cycle, where humans breathe in Oxygen and breathe out Carbon Dioxide, and the plants take in Carbon Dioxide and releases Oxygen, I think it is vital for us to be inspired and to create. They way I like to phrase it is ” breathe life in, exhale beauty”.

It’s the circle of life. Which means the world needs us not only to be inspired, but to breathe out something beautiful, of value.

Maybe it’s an oversimplification or I may over reaching but I needed to breathe out today. So like it or not, here it is.

One last food for thought:

Only when we breathe out, we can breathe in again.

Your Guide,


Wake up. Breathe Life in. Exhale Beauty.