Love, Dad.

I love you so much. No words will ever capture the depth and width of my love for you. I only hope that in all of our moments together, your confidence in that truth won’t waver but rather get built up.
A few weeks ago, my heart, soul, and mind began to fill with a deep desire to write you these letters. And in these weeks, I have struggled to clearly articulate why I felt so compelled to do this.

That was until last night when everything became clear. I was sitting with a group of strangers at an event called Q Commons. This event was designed to enable meaningful conversations around important questions affecting our world today. This night we talked about the state of our Christian faith, race relations, and the upcoming presidential election.

I sat and listened to the discussion without saying a word. I was content with not contributing because the others had so much to say. However, as our night was coming to a close, one of the group members turned to me to ask if I had anything to say.

I paused for a moment, smiled and then I shared some stories from my life that were relevant to the conversation. Stories about my struggle with faith, my childhood in rural North Carolina as one of the two Asians in our school (the other being my brother), and my journey as an immigrant.

At the end of my sharing, I could see our group had changed. In fact, I have changed. The stories shifted the atmosphere and our conversation moved from despair, frustration, and confusion to hope, faith, and more importantly love.


The Four Seasons of

Life is a collection of transformative journeys.

When I reflect on my own transformative journeys, I notice that there is a seasonality to each one. From personal endeavors to entrepreneurial ventures, each journey could fall under what I call “The Four Seasons.” Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, I created “The Four Seasons” framework to serve as a trail map for myself and others who are daring to answer their calls to adventure, or their journeys of transformation.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to serve as a guide for a number of artists, non-profit leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, and others through these Four Seasons. Through this framework, we bring clarity, enable courage, develop grit, and instill the generosity needed for their journey ahead. Each season, as shown below, is marked by a question to help move you through the cycle realizing, answering, and returning to your calling. Let’s take a deeper look.


“The Chronicles of Exploring & Creating the Beautiful Future”Story of Yellow
“Life is not about you becoming significant.
It’s about discovering your significance.”Artisan Warrior
“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start now and make a brand new ending.”Carl Bard